Global Support Organization

Spinnaker Support is a provider of personalized Oracle and SAP support that’s actually supportive.

Strong positioning and consistent messaging

Consistently communicating how changes align with the brand—and how they will impact and resonate with customers—is important.

Global issues impact sales and hiring

The biggest issues come from the unexpected. When a market dries up because of a lack of confidence, we have to continue to push and do what we believe in. 

Speaking the customer’s language

We build common themes in our materials so that we are consistent on the web, in newspaper articles, in PR, or in customer-facing documents.

Proactive communication and transparency

As a marketing team, we try to be very transparent about what we are doing. We meet with sales on a regular basis to update them on what’s new and where we are going.

Defining the experience

One challenge is when customer experience is in the hands of the engineers and support leads. Marketing must define that experience before visitors become customers.

Metric-driven approach

I find it refreshing to work and focus on the metrics. Not a lot of marketing companies get that down very well, but it is one of our strengths that we track the metrics so closely.

Overcoming outside-partner issues

When it comes to working closely with SEO or web developers, we try to meet with them on a regular basis and do some education so they understand where we are going.

How do we get it done?

With the pace of technology, we need to have our partners at the forefront to help us understand what is coming, what we need to do, and what technical variables we need to understand.

Committing to an investment

It is a challenge to get out of our own minds and our own skin to think about the customer first. Sometimes a tool that may make things easier for us, my not help the customer.

Technology can be overwhelming and expensive.

I think you can overcome a lot of challenges by aligning the technology with your people and internal skills. You need the right people to own it, otherwise it will be a waste.