Professional Services Company

TriZetto Provider Solutions provides world-class information technology solutions to make better healthcare happen.

Follow trends to stay fresh in marketing.

We have to stay well read and well educated on ever-changing technology and trends, and on anything that could help our internal partners do their jobs better.

Change brings new opportunities.

Every change that comes our way internally is an opportunity to embrace and a chance to grow.

It changes with company size

We need to have an experience for the one- and two-doctor shops, and then get into those larger organizations. We need a plan for those two very different client bases.

Customer-focused communications

We have actually heard from several customers lately telling us they would like to be called a little bit more. In this day and age, they want to stay connected.

Metrics, Metrics, Metrics.

It’s all about getting those numbers, tagging those campaigns the correct way, making sure sales is following up, watching and nurturing leads. It really is all about the numbers.

Measuring lead-to-sale for ROI

It can be challenging to be asked about leads and conversions over and over, but when marketers see the fruits of their labor, it is amazing to see how one campaign can make such an impact.

Partnerships based on specialization

For exhibits and trade shows, we have big properties we cannot manage on our own. Or we may need to hire for writing because the project is too large or because of subject matter. These types of needs make outside partnerships important.

Building shared understanding

It’s essential to stay in sync with outside partners through regular communication and education.
Partnerships based on specialization.


Does marketing have a seat at the table?

I am more of a technology influencer and user than decision-maker. When decisions are made, we have the opportunity to see the technology, get a demonstration, and give our opinions.

We have control and budget challenges

Changing webinar platforms has been big challenge for my team. Budgets have limited the use of better platforms and that limits and challenges what we can do.