Customer Experience Software

Progress Software is a leader in Digital Customer Experience, providing a comprehensive web platform that enables organizations to build mission-critical applications and high-end customer experiences.

Information collection, regulation, and security

Security is starting to make companies retract on how they collect data. Lead gen and demand gen are now finding new ways to maintain their funnels and still deliver.

Marketing needs a seat at the table

It is important for marketing to put their knowledge into the vision strategy for product and service decisions. 

Cohesive marketing strategy

It is important that we engage the customer through cohesive messaging and communication and help them travel through the funnel. 

Consistent, customer-focused CMS approach

It is important that we understand the challenge we have and as marketers we are out there trying to bring everything back together. 

Aligning marketing and revenue for impact

Aligning marketing strategies companywide can increase revenue and provide strategies that increase the top and bottom lines.

Aligning strategy and deliverables

The most important strategy elements can be found by working with partners and a partner community. This creates an extension allows us to accomplish more by taking advantage of their specialties.

Treating partners as an in-house team

We want to make our partners feel like they are an extension of our team and not an execution arm. They bring tribal knowledge that you cannot gain from a siloed team.

Outside perspective and expertise

Partners can provide expertise in their areas of specialization. They can steer you towards benefits and help you avoid unfavorable situations, especially in digital experience.

Dealing with an overly complex CMS

It is important to identify a CMS that is web and mobile responsive and that provides you extensibility to deploy content to mobile, web applications, ecommerce, and outside your own domain.

Embracing personalization

Personalization is helping drive the end user through the site on an individual basis, so they get the information they are looking for without having to identify themselves.