Professional Association

The Marketing Alliance helps marketers thrive by connecting them to their tribe, providing opportunities for professional development, networking, and education.

Bridging tech and human interaction

Humor can help connect with the audience. For example, UC Health videos showcase Colorado Rockies baseball player Charlie Blackmon to bring a relatable message about health.

Creating relatable messaging

How can you be creative? How can you tell your story in a relatable way? Creativity can help marketing drive that message home.

Building more value for membership

To create a better member experience, we’re moving to a subscription-based model. People are used to the idea of having everything included in that subscription.

Creating a career-development community

When so much information is available online, we strive to provides value through the in-person connections: networking, professional development, and career opportunity.

Your bottom line

This past spring, we did a three-part series directly focused on revenue. We did three events on driving revenue, demand gen, and steps for putting revenue efforts in place.

Marketing is a revenue driver

We are starting to see Chief Revenue Officers in companies, and CEOs and CFOs who are recognizing the revenue that marketers are driving.

Referring the right resource

I recently had lunch with a member who was looking for someone who does specialty incentives. He wanted someone I had worked with and I would refer. The referral carries a lot of weight.

The power to connect

We connect people face to face and online. We have programs where you can come network and meet new people you might hire. And we also have a member and service directory that will help you find the right person for a needed specialty or position.

Will new technology really solve the problem?

I think more marketers are leaning towards getting the most out of what they have versus trying to find more technology that might not work or create more issues.

Will new technology deliver results?

I have seen companies over-promise and under-deliver on what their technology could actually do and integrate with.