Non-Profit Association

The Obesity Medicine Association is the largest organization of healthcare providers working every day to improve the lives of patients affected by obesity.

Our industry is new.

Getting around competitors and figuring out how to differentiate yourself, as well as leap frog the competition, is becoming more and more of a challenge for our organization.

Messages should be relevant, consistent, and helpful.

Physicians are our primary target, and they are really busy and difficult to reach.

Teams must coordinate for success.

If a customer calls your customer service team and asks how to purchase something, they should get the same answer that the marketing and sales team would provide.

It's larger than marketing

It’s important for marketing and sales to understand the challenges of the customer service team so they can get ahead of the customer need.

You must understand costs to be effective.

It is a challenge to communicate costs and ROI to a board or upper management because they do not understand marketing. Bridging that communication gap can be difficult.

Break down the communication gap.

It is important that you break down the marketing jargon to language anyone can understand. We have to provide a clear roadmap of what we did and the results we saw.

Does a new outside partner understand your business?

It takes time to time to bring in a new agency, SEO provider, or PPC specialist. You have to teach them because they don’t magically know how your business works.

Partners have specialties and niche areas of expertise.

You may be lacking technical skillsets on your team. Ask whether it make more sense to outsource that skill rather than hiring a full-time person.

Seamless integration is easier said than done.

Finding a system that you could seamlessly integrate into your marketing strategy is really difficult.

The realities of automated technology implementation.

To convince your leadership team to invest, you have to be able to explain what the technology will do for your organization—and you have to be realistic about the timeline to ROI.