Software/Services Start-up

Enbala Power Networks makes intelligent software that helps utilities better manage their energy assets and market opportunities.

Develop a guiding vision

If you have a buy-in to the vision, and the mountain top you’re trying to climb, everyone can get aligned with that and move forward.

Working through reorganization

We need to make sure that our entire team is fully aligned and bought into what we’re trying to achieve because these changes are difficult to make.

Customer defined success

We bring our clients directly into their projects so they can see what our development teams are doing, visibility and transparency are the keys to our success.

Customer integration ensures success

Our customer success team is the tip of the spear for our customer success and we get our clients integrated early in the process.

Tracking is difficult

Lead tracking and precise measurements don’t often get you to the actual value you deliver. That really comes from our people.

Find the greatest impact

We feel we’ve hit that sweet spot of not spending too much and not spending too little. 

Partners provide outside thinking

You need someone to come in as a jolt, to drive the organization in terms of thinking about something differently.

Context is key – and difficult to gain

Usually with an outside partner you must do a lot of work to bring them up to speed to understand why you need them, and that context is important.

Know your audience

In our industry email is still the go to platform so we ensure we send email with useful content with strong value.

Tech must prove its worth

We ask, does this technology increase our productivity, increase our speed to market, our speed to revenue, and ultimately does it help our team achieve their goals?