Professional Association

The American Marketing Association strives to be the most relevant voice shaping marketing and an essential community for marketers and academics to connect with the people and resources they need for success.

Marketing Drives organizational change

Marketing is not only the story we are telling our constituents, it’s the story we are telling ourselves and our teams internally.

People are the first step

Getting teams on board and getting people excited about the new direction and change in an origination is really the first step.

Creating a memorable experience for members

At AMA Colorado, our tagline is “making marketers marketable.” Our goal is to equip our members with the tools they need to be the most marketable they can be.

The value of membership

Membership provides people access to the professionals they want to meet and education they can’t get anywhere else.

Addressing challenges for members

AMA helps education. We bring in speakers to talk about the most relevant challenges in marketing so our members can take those learnings and immediately apply them.

Everyone measures ROI differently

Marketing teams have so many tools at their disposal and ways of connecting to consumers that they need to demonstrate ROI in a way that translates to the rest of the company.

Creating continuity

Outside partners are bringing their own expertise—and that is why you hired them—but that does not always translate to fully knowing or understanding your story.

The need for expertise

We all have our own expertise and are experts in our own lanes. But when going outside your own expertise, you need to hire an outside partner who has the right skillset.

Tech tools drive change

Tech tools make it easy to see how you can make more strategic decisions, A/B testing, and metrics. This is allowing for learning in real time and drives changes in direction and tactics.

Finding the balance

Marketing technologies are great when they are adding to your marketing and making life easier, but they take away when they are cumbersome and you are spending too much time using them.